German Brand Awards For Reckli

The second issue of the FORMLINER magazine and the Patternbook have each received a German Brand Award.

The second issue of the FORMLINER magazine and the Patternbook have each received a German Brand Award. 

RECKLI can celebrate two awards from the German Design Council: Both the second issue of the in-house magazine FORMLINER and the Patternbook received a German Brand Award. 

The German Brand Awards, initiated by the German Brand Institute and the German Design Council, recognize successful brand management in Germany every year. “The German Brand Award is the first competition to cover all disciplines of modern brand directing and thus takes into account the complexity of brand management and the elementary importance of the brand for the company’s success.”, says Andrej Kupetz, Managing Director of the German Design Council. Only companies nominated for the award by the German Brand Institute, its brand scouts, and expert committees can take part in the competition. 

The German Brand Award 2018 distinguishes excellence in three competition classes: “Excellence in Branding”, “Industry Excellence in Branding” and “Excellence in Brand Strategy, Management, and Creation”. The jury honored FORMLINER in the category “Excellence in Brand Strategy, Management and Creation” with the “Gold” award.

Outstanding Achievement in Print

FORMLINER has thus been honored as an outstanding achievement in the print sector. “It is a great honor for us to have also received awards outside our target group of architects”, says Lutz Hammer, Head of Marketing at RECKLI.

“A strong brand is crucial in an age of rapidity, copy, and price erosion. It reflects our values, gives orientation to our customers and employees, and offers a future orientation to the own company. This award by an independent jury is both a motivation and an incentive for us.” 

The magazine is dedicated to important topics from the world of architectural concrete with practical case studies and focus analyses. The second issue takes a look at the fusion of art and architecture at the 2 Girls Building in Melbourne, talks about the artistic process of working with epoxy resins in sculpture, and portrays the work of the Japanese star acoustician Yasuhisa Toyota. In addition, the magazine focuses on digital and the city: Berlin the building trends of tomorrow, and structural developments in the capital. In addition to detailed analyses and reports, the magazine informs about the product world of RECKLI and introduces people from the company. 

FORMLINER was selected from more than 1250 entries for the German Brand Awards. The jury’s brand experts also liked the Patternbook: The newly designed RECKLI main catalog was honored with the Special Mention, which honors work for special aspects of brand management and the commitment to the competitiveness of German brands. 

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