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BT Innovation

BT Innovation is consisted of many high-quality and individual products.

Sealants and Water Proofing – Simple and cost-efficient sealing on almost all substrates, even when moisture and low temperatures are present. Proven and approved a thousand times over.


Connecting Systems – Modern, easy to apply technologies for fast and effective assembly of precast components.


Shuttering Magnets – Combined with our formwork girders, our patented magnetic technology offers the ideal solution for shuttering precast concrete elements quickly and precisely.


Formwork Systems – Offers the ideal solution for shuttering concrete elements quickly and precisely.


We also provide technical consulting for the precast concrete industry. 

The broad practical experience and knowledge in product development help our interdisciplinary consultants to find customised solutions for the individual goals of our customers.

The service modules analysisplanningconsulting and realization contain all necessary steps for the creation of sustainable competitive advantages. We assist you in the objective evaluation of the actual situation of precast plants, the process optimisation within the plants and the effective personnel planning up to the realisation of a turnkey precast plant.

Our consulting team has been in close cooperation with various manufacturers for many years which makes them real connoisseurs of the industry. Clients benefit in many ways from BT’s great insider knowledge and can rely on receiving the best possible advice.

related products


  In many projects – buildings both public and private sectors – watertight expansion joint systems are of vital importance for the protection of the building: Important building parts of car parks,…


RECKLI stands for custom façade design with architectural concrete. As a producer of reusable elastic textured formliners, planners and architects all around the world place their trust in us – and have done for 50 years.


Our solutions help the world become safe, silent and energy efficient by being the market leading sealing system provider. We focus on providing real added value to our customers.