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Reckli Photos and Graphics Concrete

RECKLI VISUALS are two technologies with unusual effects. RECKLI artico® neo visualizes photos and graphics in concrete through targeted washing out of the top layer of cement. Photo engraving formliners transfer photos onto façades as relief-like textures.

RECKLI artico® neo  Architectural Concrete with a depth effect: Light-independent visualization of photos and graphics in the concrete surface. For unlimited freedom of design.

The façade is a building’s external image. It can tell a story and awaken curiosity, make the hidden visible and highlight a building’s purpose. It can impress or shock, inspire and fascinate.

RECKLI artico® neo adds a significant component to the freedom of design provided by architectural concrete. This process can be used to realize photos, images, custom designs and graphics in exposed concrete. The impact of light and shadow doesn’t need to be considered. That’s why RECKLI artico® neo is also ideal for indoors.

The process is simple:  RECKLI artico® neo is a plastic foil on which graphics or photos are printed with a high-quality concrete activator. The concrete activator binds the concrete at staggered intervals, so that it can be washed from the surface once removed from the textured formliner. The top cement layer of the concrete is partially removed. The contrast between the washed and smooth surfaces makes the graphics or photos on the façade visible.

The foils can only be used once.

RECKLI artico® neo Individual

Your custom design or photo is printed in the max. dimension of 3.10m x 25m on a plastic foil (foil dimension 3,15m x 25m) and cut to the desired size. We take care of the preparation of the files and send a visualization on request. Photos are fragmented into halftone dots just like in newspaper printing. Their size depends on the image template and the viewing distance and is defined project-specifically. Designs that have been produced once can be re-ordered at any time. Thanks to the special production process, no setup costs arise.

Manufacturing process


Reckli prints the design onto a special foil.


The article foil is placed inside the shell.


The concrete is poured into the shell.


Once the concrete has hardened, The concrete element can be removed.


The foil is simply removed from the exposed concrete element and the concrete is washed out with the high-pressure cleaner.


The interplay of washed and smooth surfaces makes the design visible on the concrete surface. 

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          Textured formliners with photo engraving turn your concrete façade into a canvas! Using the computer, photos are converted into files ready for the CNC machine. The CNC file is used to create the positive model. Depending on the resolution of the motif used, the photo engraving formliner produces a more or less detailed relief-like surface texture in the façade. This results in the impression that the image has been chiseled out of the concrete. Changing sunlight creates a range of effects: the image will disappear in direct sunlight. Lateral light makes the relief create shadows in the exposed concrete that make the photo visible.

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MEP Expanded Metal has a great number of applications for industrial and decorating usage. It is one continuous, single sheet of mesh and yet retains its strong and durable characteristics.


RECKLI stands for custom façade design with architectural concrete. As a producer of reusable elastic textured formliners, planners and architects all around the world place their trust in us – and have done for 50 years.