What is Expanded Metal?

What is Expanded Metal?

Expanded metal has appeared in constructions and industrial projects of various types around the world for over a century. Very much resembling mesh and available in a wide range of metals and patterns, and has unique properties and benefits that make it appealing for structures from artworks to industrial facilities.

Golden Hope is one of Thailand’s leading providers of expanded metal and related products and services. We are happy to share our understanding so you can appreciate the potential and benefits of expanded metal in projects all over Bangkok, Thailand, and the world.

How expanded metals are made

Expanded metal begins as a single metal sheet, usually hot-rolled steel, cold-rolled steel, aluminum, stainless steel, or other similar metals. The sheet then moves through a row of dies that shapes different patterns. Typically, the pattern is diamond, but there are also sheets of curved or squared patterns.

As the dies cut, the machinery stretches the metal so that the sheet expands, creating a mesh sheet. There is a wide versatility to this process, from the size, shape, and position of the blades to the type and thickness of the sheet, so the finished product can offer different characteristics as needed.

The benefits of expanded metal

Because it comes from one piece of metal with no welds or joins, expanded-metal is much more durable, lightweight, and cost-effective than other forms of metal mesh. It is stronger and more rigid as well, and the openings allow air, water, light, and certain debris through, preventing build-up and offering greater traction.

Also, certain processes mean that no wasted metal– no metal punched out and discarded to make those holes. Expanded metals usually are highly conductive, providing for smooth flow, from heat to electricity to magnetic flux. All these properties make expanded-metal an appealing material to work with for a range of different projects and purposes.

Expanded metals applications

With the diverse characteristics available for expanded-metals, you can see it used in many aspects of construction. It can support other elements such as plaster when erecting walls and barriers or creating interior or exterior façade, ceilings, partitions. Or the openings allowing air and water to flow through can benefit walkways and stairwells as well as vents, machinery guards, and secured windows.

Expanded metal can also be used to create industrial-strength shelving, containers, and baskets, or it can be used as the basis for art and architectural installations as well.

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Golden Hope – Thailand expanded metal experts

Golden Hope has been a leader in metallic expansion products in Thailand for almost 50 years. Beginning with trade and distribution, we now achieved the know-how and technology to manufacture a range of metal products, including expanded-metals, here in Thailand.

Along with our products that meet the highest global standards, we also offer Reckli formliner architectural concrete and Migua expansion joints systems, as well as other products and services related to various metal applications.

Altogether, Golden Hope has supplied the fundamental structures for some of the most iconic projects in Bangkok, from the Airport Rail Link system to the Central World complex.



GH has driven strong growth and has shown ourselves prepared to prove effectiveness and reliability as we earn our trust from large-scale projects such as infrastructure and other construction developments both domestically and internationally. If you would like to know more about Expanded metals, MEP, or any of our products, then please do not hesitate to call us. Golden Hope heartily serve our customers to their utmost satisfaction and get the best benefits from our products and services in compliance with our Motto

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