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Heavy duty all-metal expansion
joint covers for large traffic loads


       Modern architecture for shopping malls, railway stations, airports, exhibition halls and hospitals hast to fulfill multitude functions and load capacities. MIGUTRANS includes expansion joint covers for low duty by pedestrians, private cars, trucks up to heavy duty with highest point loads by pallet trucks and forklift trucks. Traffic loaded expansion joints are critical areas in the structure of buildings in particular. It may be necessary to consider other criteria, like even loadbearing surface for sensitive goods, fixing on finished surfaces for refurbishment, renovation and modernization, resistance to aggressive media, environmental influences, and watertightness. MIGUTRANS allows designer and architects the possibility to include hard wearing, maintenance-free, long lasting expansion joint covers in their exclusive design: A user-oriented, high sophisticated and well-experienced program of solutions for expansion joints, which meet all functional and esthetic demands of innovative architecture.