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Precision Chemicals

Create | Shape | Preserve

        Polyurethanes, silicones and epoxides have proven their worth in restoration work and mold making. The products allow delicate patterns to be reproduced that are true to detail. The production is conducted with solid or jacket forms: Solid forms resist reproducing large amounts, jacket forms are suited for molds with complicated details.


Shaping & Moulding

Liquid synthetic resins and synthetic resins have proven themselves in the concrete industry, in restorations and model construction: With RECKLI polyurethanes, silicones, and epoxy resins, wear-resistant solid molds for reproduction in large batches and delicate cloaking forms for detail-specific casts.

Seperating & Demoulding

Separating agents guarantee the safe and residue-free solution of formwork from reinforced concrete or models. During the production of replicas, you will work without any discolorations on the surface of the original.        

Washing & Acidifying

RECKLI de-activating and acidifying products offer various washing depths in the production of washed concrete, guarantee a uniform washing profile with reduced consumption and without environmentally-harmful residues. We offer products for washing in positive and negative processes.

Filling & Thickening

The implementation of fillers imbues our materials with new properties and saves on materials and weight in the production of large models. With the help of fillers, liquid synthetic resins can be applied by painting or spreading.


Waterproofing and surface protection systems shield exposed concrete surfaces from moisture, dirt and graffiti. RECKLI Surface Protection seals exposed concrete with a colorless or optical effect option. The graffiti protection system avoids the damage caused by vandalism.


RECKLI Cleaning Products ensure a clean finish on concrete surfaces and serve as cleaning agents and care products for working areas and tools.

Complementary Products

Sealants, color pastes: RECKLI complementary products deliver solutions for applications in prefabricated concrete, on site, for molding and model making or for artistic purposes.


The proper tool is the best prerequisite for a superb result. RECKLI has a range of tools particularly suitable for the processing of RECKLI products.

The result is an extraordinary and aesthetic façade with structural concrete. 

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